Gangwon as the top Winter destination in Korea

Gangwon is the snowiest province in Korea. For about 66 days from November to March, Gangwon has an average of 250cm of snow. The average temperature is about -4.8°c throughout the winter, which maintains optimal ski conditions so that skiers can demonstrate their full capacities. Gangwon’s eight large-scale recreation resorts are most popular among Korean… Continue reading Gangwon as the top Winter destination in Korea

Happy Chuseok!

추석 잘 지내새요! Chuseok also known as hangawi is the Korean version of Thanksgiving. Usually, during this harvest festival, the whole family members will gather together at their hometown. The morning of Chuseok, the family members will hold memorial services call Charye (차례).It is normal to visit the ancestral graves and remove weeds. These events… Continue reading Happy Chuseok!

Jeongseon Arirang Academy: Preservation of Jeongseon Arirang

Jeongseon Arirang is a local folk song that delivers the feelings of the people of Jeongseon, a mountainous village and it is also called Arari. The song was traditonally sung by local folks who didn’t know how to read or write, so there is no well-organized record about it. Jeongseon Arirang Academy was established to… Continue reading Jeongseon Arirang Academy: Preservation of Jeongseon Arirang

A (Arirang)-Train : New Line to Jeongseon

The train opened on January 22, 2015, from Cheongnyangni Station in northeastern Seoul and passes through several stations in Gangwon-do, including Mindungsan and Jeongseon, which hosts the “Jeongseon Five-day Market”, and arriving at Auraji Station. The “A” in the train’s name comes from “Arirang” (a Korean folk song), and the words “amazement” and “adventure”. The… Continue reading A (Arirang)-Train : New Line to Jeongseon