When the Buckwheat Bloom

I just read When the Buckwheat Bloom by Lee Hyo Seok, english translation by       Peter H. Lee in his book Modern Korean Literature : An Anthology



I really like the character and the way the writer arranged the plot and his donkey too ^^. There was a surprise element at the end of the story!! i didn’t expect that at all!!

*should i tell you guys? nahhh… you have to read it yourselves hihihi*


Mr. Heo, a lonely Jangdolbaengi (장돌뱅이: vendors who move around the 5 days market mainly in Pyeongchang, Yeongwol and Jecheon area) lost all the money at gamble and moved to Bongpyeong market place in Pyeongchang with his best buddy, Mr. Cho. They met young jangdolbaengi guy, Dong-I over there and decided to move to the other market place together.

While they walked through the buckwheat flower field in the night time, Mr. Heo talked about his lifetime love he had met 20 years ago in Bongpyeong market when he was a young Jangdolbaengi. It was a night that buckwheat flowers bloomed just like a “scattered salts” on the field.


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