Who is Gasan?

Lee Hyo-seok, who wrote under the pen-name ‘Gasan’ (가산) was born February 23, 1907 in Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do. He was deeply impressed by Chekhov and Thomas Mann and graduated first in his class at the Gyeongseong Je-il Academy. Lee enrolled in Gyeongseong Imperial University in 1925, the same year, his poem “Spring” (Bom) was published in the Daily News(매일신보). At Gyeongsong Lee… Continue reading Who is Gasan?

FOOD : Gamja Ongsimi

Gamja (감자) means potatoes, and ongsimi (옹심이) is a Gangwon dialect for saealsim    (새알심; literally “bird’s egg,” named for its resemblance to small bird’s eggs, possibly quail eggs), a type of dough cake balls often made with glutinous rice flour     and added into porridges. Potatoes are a specialty of Gangwon-do Province, because they grow at higher altitudes. Historically, this dish is a replacement… Continue reading FOOD : Gamja Ongsimi

Big Bang’s Taeyang : New Hononary Ambassador

Today (21 June 2017), Taeyang is appointed as the new honorary ambassador for 2018 Winter Games. I bet all Kpop-ers must know who Taeyang is, right? Since he is known all over the world, by becoming the ambassador for the PyeongChang 2018 Games, Taeyang will help promoting the event globally. POCOG President LEE Hee-Beom “K-Pop has a… Continue reading Big Bang’s Taeyang : New Hononary Ambassador