Arari Village

Ararichon Village has replicas of traditional houses that were located in Jeongseon. Sculptures inspired by Park Ji-won’s novel <Yangbanjeon (A Story of a Nobleman)> are on display throughout the village. Here, you can see unique traditional houses of Jeongseon such as Jeoreupjib House, Neowajib House (a shingle-roofed house), Doljib House (a stone-roofed house), and Gwiteuljib… Continue reading Arari Village

Gyeongbokgung Palace Reconstruction: Jeongseon Arirang spreads out nationwide

In 1867, during the regency of Daewongun (Prince Lee Ha Eung), father of Gojong (Last emperor in Joseon Dynasty), Gyeongbokgung palace buildings were reconstructed and formed a massive complex with 330 buildings and 5,792 rooms. Standing on 4,657,576 square feet of land, Gyeongbokgung again became an iconic symbol for both the Korean nation and the… Continue reading Gyeongbokgung Palace Reconstruction: Jeongseon Arirang spreads out nationwide

Jeongseon Arirang Festival

Jeongseon Arirang is the regional variety of Arirang, Korea’s best-known folk song, native to Jeongseon area of Gangwon-do. A festival is held every year in homage to his folk song, designated as Gangwondo Intangible Cultural Heritage No.1. Jeongseon Arirang Festival inaugurates with a costumed parade and street folk performances. The performance of Jeongseon Arirang, the… Continue reading Jeongseon Arirang Festival